Balintawak Sugbu

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Balintawak Sugbu Arnis Eskrima Inc.

Traditional Villasin Fighting System

Balintawak Sugbu teaches the Traditional Villasin Style of Eskrima / Arnis. Currently based in Jugan, Consolacion City, Cebu, Balintawak Sugbu is headed by GM Carlo “Kaloy” Campaña. He earned his stripes by studying under the late GM John Villasin himself, son of the late GM Attorney Jose Villasin, one of the original founding members of Balintawak Eskrima / Arnis.

Balintawak Training

We offer private one-on-one and group lessons.

In order to maximize learning, every student receives personal instruction from GM Kaloy and the clubs instructors. This way the student learns to adapt to different fighting styles and thus, will be able to create his/her own.

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Balintawak Sugbu will become an organization of excellent individuals, decent and respectable, young professionals, powerful yet graceful, healthy body, all worthy of being model citizens in any community. The club will also be a friend to all other Arnis and martial Arts Clubs.


Balintawak Sugbu will provide the venue where the Filipino Art of Stick Fighting and the Grace of the Art of Etching with heat & fire and Weaving will be blended to develop individuals who will be physically fit, mentally sound and always ready to face the challenges of the real life.

Club Gear

Balintawak Sugbu sells custom designed sticks and cases. All of them are handmade by GM Kaloy.

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